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class  src.vmm.Input.Event
 This structure is the collection of data for the general event interface. More...
class  src.vmm.Input.EventDevice
class  src.vmm.Input.EventFile
 Read from a file containing raw recorded events. More...
class  src.vmm.Input.Features
 Contains a set of base features. More...
class  src.vmm.Input.Queue


namespace  src.vmm.Input


def src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGABS
def src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGBIT
def src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGLED
def src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGSW
def src.vmm.Input.get_device_names
 Returns a list of tuples containing (index, devicename).
def src.vmm.Input.get_devices


int src.vmm.Input.EV_ABS = 0x03
int src.vmm.Input.EV_FF = 0x15
int src.vmm.Input.EV_FF_STATUS = 0x17
int src.vmm.Input.EV_KEY = 0x01
int src.vmm.Input.EV_LED = 0x11
int src.vmm.Input.EV_MAX = 0x1f
int src.vmm.Input.EV_MSC = 0x04
int src.vmm.Input.EV_PWR = 0x16
int src.vmm.Input.EV_REL = 0x02
int src.vmm.Input.EV_REP = 0x14
int src.vmm.Input.EV_SND = 0x12
int src.vmm.Input.EV_SW = 0x05
int src.vmm.Input.EV_SYN = 0x00
string src.vmm.Input.EVFMT = "llHHi"
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGEFFECTS = _IOR(69, 0x84, INT)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGID = _IOR(69, 0x02, SHORT4)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGKEY = _IOR(69, 0x05, INT2)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGKEYCODE = _IOR(69, 0x04, INT2)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGNAME = _IOC(_IOC_READ, 69, 0x06, 255)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGPHYS = _IOC(_IOC_READ, 69, 0x07, 255)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGRAB = _IOW(69, 0x90, INT)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGREP = _IOR(69, 0x03, INT2)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGUNIQ = _IOC(_IOC_READ, 69, 0x08, 255)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCGVERSION = _IOR(69, 0x01, INT)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCRMFF = _IOW(69, 0x81, INT)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCSAUTOCENTER = _IOW(69, 0x83, USHORT)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCSGAIN = _IOW(69, 0x82, USHORT)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCSKEYCODE = _IOW(69, 0x04, INT2)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVIOCSREP = _IOW(69, 0x03, INT2)
tuple src.vmm.Input.EVsize = struct.calcsize(EVFMT)
string src.vmm.Input.INT = "i"
string src.vmm.Input.INT2 = "ii"
string src.vmm.Input.INT5 = "iiiii"
string src.vmm.Input.SHORT = "h"
string src.vmm.Input.SHORT4 = "hhhh"
tuple src.vmm.Input.SIZEOF_INT2 = struct.calcsize(INT2)
string src.vmm.Input.USHORT = "H"