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src.vmm.Input.Features Class Reference

Contains a set of base features. More...

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def has_absolute_axes
def has_forcefeedback
def has_forcefeedback_status
def has_keys
def has_leds
def has_misc
def has_power
def has_relative_axes
def has_repeat
def has_sound
def has_switches
def match

Static Public Attributes

dictionary NAMES

Detailed Description

Contains a set of base features.

May be actual set as returned by a feature request, or a desired set to find.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def src.vmm.Input.Features.__init__ (   self,
  bits = 0 

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Member Function Documentation

def src.vmm.Input.Features.__str__ (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_absolute_axes (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_forcefeedback (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_forcefeedback_status (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_keys (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_leds (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_misc (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_power (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_relative_axes (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_repeat (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_sound (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.has_switches (   self)

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def src.vmm.Input.Features.match (   self,

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Member Data Documentation

dictionary src.vmm.Input.Features.NAMES
Initial value:
EV_SYN: "Sync",
EV_KEY: "Keys or Buttons",
EV_REL: "Relative Axes",
EV_ABS: "Absolute Axes",
EV_MSC: "Miscellaneous",
EV_SW: "Switches",
EV_LED: "Leds",
EV_SND: "Sound",
EV_REP: "Repeat",
EV_FF: "Force Feedback",
EV_PWR: "Power Management",
EV_FF_STATUS: "Force Feedback Status",

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