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class  src.wi.views.user.vm.CreateVMWizard
 Wizard handling virtual machine creation views. More...


namespace  src.wi.views.user.vm


def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_assign_disk
 Ajax view for assigning Disk to a virtual machine.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_assign_ip
 Ajax view for attaching IP address to a virtual machine.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_get_table
 Ajax view for fetching virtual machines list.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_get_template_list
 Ajax view fetching template list.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_revoke_disk
 Ajax view for detaching a disk from a virtual machine.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_revoke_ip
 Ajax view for detaching elastip IP from a virtual machine.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_ajax_vm_details
 Ajax view fetching virtual machine details.
def src.wi.views.user.vm.vms_vnc
 VNC applet view.