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namespace  src.wi.views.guest.user


def src.wi.views.guest.user.acc_password_reset
 Password reset form handling (email is sent).
def src.wi.views.guest.user.acc_password_reset_confirm
 Check whether given address hash is correct.
def src.wi.views.guest.user.change_language
 View changing page language.
def src.wi.views.guest.user.hlp_help
 Help main page.
def src.wi.views.guest.user.login
 Login page handling.
def src.wi.views.guest.user.logout
 Logout and redirection to the right next page (next_page).
def src.wi.views.guest.user.reg_activate
 User's email address's confirmation (by entering the HTTP address provided in email message).
def src.wi.views.guest.user.reg_register
 Registration form's handling.