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class  src.wi.utils.views.CustomWizardView
 WizardView class handling browser back button after last step submition and skipping to 2nd step if image is already selected. More...


namespace  src.wi.utils.views


def src.wi.utils.views.direct_to_template
 Returns rendered template as HttpResponse.
def src.wi.utils.views.form_generic
 Generic ajax view for dialog handling.
def src.wi.utils.views.form_generic_id
 Generic ajax view for dialog handling.
def src.wi.utils.views.generic_multiple_id
def src.wi.utils.views.generic_multiple_id_form
def src.wi.utils.views.get_list_generic
 Generic ajax view returning a list.
def src.wi.utils.views.get_list_generic_id
 Generic ajax view returning a list.
def src.wi.utils.views.make_request
 Adds authorization-related information to data dictionary and makes a request to CLM using given url and data dictionary.
def src.wi.utils.views.prep_data
 Returns a dictionary with results of REST request.
def src.wi.utils.views.simple_generic
 Simple generic ajax view for creating dialogs.
def src.wi.utils.views.simple_generic_id
def src.wi.utils.views.simple_generic_twoid


list src.wi.utils.views.not_to_be_logged_urls