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namespace  src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster


def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.add
 Adds new Cluster and makes the caller its admin.
def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.delete
 Deletes specified Cluster from CLM database.
def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.edit
 Updates Cluster's attributes.
def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.get_by_id
 Requests specified Cluster's details.
def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.get_list
 Requests list of Clusters.
def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.lock
 Locks specified Cluster.
def src.clm.views.admin_clm.cluster.unlock
 Unlocks specified Cluster.