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namespace  src.wi.utils.parsing


def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_cm_list
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_cm_users
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_disks
 Returns list of the disks' names.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_disks_from_vm
 Returns list of the disks' names.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_generic
 Returns a list of (potentially disabled) choices from a dictionary.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_generic_enabled
 Returns a list of (potentially disabled) choices from a dictionary.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_group_images
 Returns a list of group images.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_groups
 Returns list of the groups' names.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_groups_ids
 Returns list of the groups' ids.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_image_descriptions
 Returns list of the images' descriptions.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_image_names
 Returns list of the Images names grouped by type.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_ips
 Returns list of the IPs.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_ips_from_vm
 Returns list of the assigned IPs to selected vm.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_iso
 Returns list of the ISO images' names.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_leases
 Returns list of the assigned IPs to selected vm.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_node_names
 Returns list of the nodes' names.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_own_groups
 Returns list of the ownde groups' ids.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_platform
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_ssh_keys
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_storage_names
 Returns a list of the storages' names.
def src.wi.utils.parsing.parse_template_names
 Returns list of the Templates names.