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class  src.wi.utils.forms.BetterBaseForm
 BetterForm and BetterModelForm are subclasses of Form and ModelForm that allow for declarative definition of fieldsets and row_attrs in an inner Meta class. More...
class  src.wi.utils.forms.BetterForm
class  src.wi.utils.forms.BetterFormBaseMetaclass
class  src.wi.utils.forms.BetterFormMetaclass
class  src.wi.utils.forms.BetterModelForm
class  src.wi.utils.forms.BetterModelFormMetaclass
class  src.wi.utils.forms.Fieldset
 An iterable Fieldset with a legend and a set of BoundFields. More...
class  src.wi.utils.forms.FieldsetCollection
class  src.wi.utils.forms.NumberChoice
 Used in number selection inputs. More...
class  src.wi.utils.forms.PasswordForm
 Class for setting password form. More...
class  src.wi.utils.forms.RequiredSelectValidation
 Form checking if all values of all required selectboxes have been set. More...


namespace  src.wi.utils.forms


def src.wi.utils.forms.get_fieldsets
 Get the fieldsets definition from the inner Meta class, mapping it on top of the fieldsets from any base classes.
def src.wi.utils.forms.get_row_attrs
 Get the row_attrs definition from the inner Meta class.


dictionary src.wi.utils.forms.attrs_dict = {'class': 'required'}