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namespace  src.clm.utils.decorators
 Here are placed decorators for CLM views functions targeted to specific CLM role actors (and src.clm.utils.decorators.genericlog() called by all those).


def src.clm.utils.decorators.admin_clm_log
 Decorator for functions requiring admin_clm's privilidges.
def src.clm.utils.decorators.admin_cm_log
 Decorator for functions requiring admin_cm's privilidges.
def src.clm.utils.decorators.auth
def src.clm.utils.decorators.cm_request
 Decorator for CM views functions that:
def src.clm.utils.decorators.genericlog
 Generic log is called by actor decorators defined in src.clm.utils.decorators :
def src.clm.utils.decorators.guest_log
 Decorator for functions requiring only guest's privilidges.
def src.clm.utils.decorators.user_log
 Decorator for functions requiring logged in user's privilidges.


tuple src.clm.utils.decorators.decorated_functions = set([])