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namespace  src.clm.config_example


 src.clm.config_example.AUTOACTIVATION = False
 Should new accounts be activated after email confirmation (True) or manual activation by clmadmin (False)
string src.clm.config_example.CONTACT_EMAIL = 'contact@email'
 Email address to be provided as contact email.
dictionary src.clm.config_example.DATABASES
string src.clm.config_example.EC2_URL = ''
 EC2 server configuration.
string src.clm.config_example.EMAIL_HOST = 'localhost'
 Mailer server information.
string src.clm.config_example.EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ''
string src.clm.config_example.EMAIL_HOST_USER = 'cc1'
string src.clm.config_example.EMAIL_PORT = '25'
 src.clm.config_example.EMAIL_USE_TLS = False
string src.clm.config_example.FROM_EMAIL = 'cc1@cloud'
 Default 'from' adress for mailer.
string src.clm.config_example.ISSUE_EMAIL = 'issue@email'
 Email address to send help-form messages to.
string src.clm.config_example.LOG_DIR = '/var/log/cc1/clm/'
 Logging directory.
string src.clm.config_example.LOG_FORMAT = "%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s"
 Log format for each entry.
 src.clm.config_example.LOG_LEVEL = logging.DEBUG
 Log level - DEBUG, INFO or ERROR.
 src.clm.config_example.MAILER_ACTIVE = False
 Is mailer in use?
string src.clm.config_example.SECRET_KEY = 'CLM_SECRET_KEY'
 Make this unique, and don't share it with anybody.
int src.clm.config_example.SSH_KEYS_LIMIT = 5
 SSH keys limit per user.