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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def create
 Starts VM's thread.
def delete
 Ends VM's thread.
def reset
 Restarts VM.
def run
 Runs proper action depending on \ self.action.
def terminate

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def (   self,
  shared = None 

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Member Function Documentation

def (   self)

Starts VM's thread.

  1. Gets VM's record from database (basing on vm_id) (if exists).
  2. Copies image chosen for this VM.
  3. Connects to Libvirt and generate template for it.
  4. Creates Libvirt domain.
  5. Sets VM's state as running
  6. If VM is element of farm, it sets proper farm state.

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def (   self)

Ends VM's thread.

  1. Unassigns public IP.
  2. Deletes VM.

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def (   self)

Restarts VM.

  1. Connects to Libvirt.
  2. Sets VM's state as restart.
  3. Restarts it.
  4. Sets VM's state back as running.

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def (   self)

Runs proper action depending on \ self.action.

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def (   self)

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