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src.clm.migrations.0002_Add_column_is_superuser_cm.Migration Class Reference

Inherits SchemaMigration.

Public Member Functions

def backwards
def forwards

Static Public Attributes

list complete_apps = ['clm']
dictionary models

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file

Member Function Documentation

def src.clm.migrations.0002_Add_column_is_superuser_cm.Migration.backwards (   self,

Definition at line 16 of file

def src.clm.migrations.0002_Add_column_is_superuser_cm.Migration.forwards (   self,

Definition at line 10 of file

Member Data Documentation

list src.clm.migrations.0002_Add_column_is_superuser_cm.Migration.complete_apps = ['clm']

Definition at line 89 of file

dictionary src.clm.migrations.0002_Add_column_is_superuser_cm.Migration.models

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